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Green Walnut Liqueur, Nocino Green Walnut Liqueur, Nocino
Submitted on 06/01/2016 by ema616660 (ruska ruzica)
2.71 avg rating
55 votes
Wine Cooler with Lemon & Melon Wine Cooler with Lemon & Melon
Submitted on 06/30/2007
2.46 avg rating
168 votes
This refreshing wine cooler will please the guests at your next party.
Summer Wine Punch Summer Wine Punch
Submitted on 06/27/2007
2.48 avg rating
182 votes
Refreshing and light, this is an excellent punch to serve when fresh strawberries are in season.
Boston Mulled Cider Boston Mulled Cider
Submitted on 06/27/2007
2.53 avg rating
158 votes
The flavor combination of fresh apple, orange, raisins, rum and star anise, gives an unusually pleasing taste to apple cider.
Apple Cider Nog Apple Cider Nog
Submitted on 06/27/2007
2.60 avg rating
177 votes
Delicious hot or chilled, this apple cider-flavored eggnog is a favorite of children and grown-ups alike. If you like, you can stir in applejack or rum for adult gatherings.
Papaya Sunriser Papaya Sunriser
Submitted on 06/26/2007
2.48 avg rating
229 votes
One cup of papaya provides 70 calories and is a substantial source of vitamins A and C. This drink is cool and refreshing, great after a strenuous workout. Beat in 1 egg for each serving, and it becomes an instant breakfast.
Orange Eggnog Orange Eggnog
Submitted on 06/26/2007
2.41 avg rating
180 votes
Traditionally served on festive holidays, eggnog is actually good anytime. To the usual milk and egg mixture is added the tangyness of fresh citrus juices. Serve this drink with a plateful of fresh baked cookies or as a refreshing drink for breakfast.
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